Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rumors fly about Kim Kyu-jong becoming a Prince!

  SS501′s Kim Kyu-jong is the center of his band and the latest netizen rumors. Netizens and Triple S alike are thrilled with the current “rumors” of their favorite Double S star joining the  Japanese theatre cast of  ”Princess Hours”.
His entertainment company, B2M Entertainment, states that the news isn’t true yet! They have received the invite and have talked with the production company,however, nothing has been finalized.
When will we hear the official good news about the singer-turned-actor?
B2M: ” News about the play will be addressed next week on Kim Kyu-jong’s Official Website.”
The almost Prince Shin may appear in “Princess Hours” June 4th- 23rd at the Kyoto Minami Theatre in Japan.
Source: Star News- MKStarToday
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