Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jung Min b'day project

#501jmbday Y☺û have to send ur b'day letter to jm mailto:jmbday501@hotmail.com with title "b'day letter to jung min"... There is some condition : 1) Don'Ť push kyu too hard (on ur email letter) to reply ur email,Y☺û know how busy he is. 2) ur letter is about 2 pages in mic. words,no longer than that,it would make him too lazy to read ur email letter. 3) Y☺û can create something creative too in ur email letter. 4) do date is on march 15, 2011...

We'll select the right email letter & send it to CNR on feb 27, but don'Ť forget to put ur twitter acc & ur name so i can tell Y☺û that ur letter sent or not... Y☺û can send in hangeul (if Y☺û can) or if Y☺û can'Ť Y☺û can send with english... ^^

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