Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kim Bum and Park Min Young with another 8 kimkong ent. Artists become Vogue Girl icon

Actor Kim Bum, Park Min-young, Sung Yu Ri, and eight other artists Entertainment Zone Symbian soft updates, such as Lee Jeong Ah, Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Yeon Seok, Ji Il Joo, Song Min Jeong's iconic Vogue Girl Valentine's Day special edition to be published month of February. Vogue Girl Valentine special edition this time the theme of "the people invited to the wedding"

Shooting is done in a room suite at the Royal Plaza Hotel on January 11 last, for dramatic expression of love.

Sung Yu Ri and Yeon Woo Sok is a new bride, while Park Min Young and Kim Bum is the guest. Lee Chung Ah plays the role of a good friend's husband, while Lee Kwang Soo plays the role of a mysterious man.

Song Min-Jeong, who is a newcomer to King Kong Entertainment, played the role of the sister's husband, while Ji Il Joo plays the role of husband's male friends who also love him.

Among photoshoot secret bride and groom, and guests are not invited, Kim Bum and Park Min Young is said to make the atmosphere hot.

A staff from the set commented, "Laugh it continues to be heard throughout the shoot, like the first time in a while that celebrities under the auspices of King Kong Entertainment come together to conduct such an event. They were all asking each other how they are doing and try to communicate with one another. Shooting was able to create a unique atmosphere and color of King Kong Family. "

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