Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lee Min Ho's message to Japanese Minoz [ MJ ]

I'm hearing a shocking news when i'm watching my Televison and i'm watching the News Channel. Once again, i feel that we're so fragile comparing to the natural disaster.
Looking at the Tragedy from the TV, i have no idea how much of my simple words could encourage all of you who's in that kind of situation right know...
Besides letting you know how i'm worried of all of you, i'm praying that there'll be no more victims from the nature disaster.
" Even though we can't fight the nature disaster, we can still help each other" is what one of my Fans wrote to me. 
In this world where i'm not living alone, i'm praying that there'll be no more sadness, more than what just happened. I believe that, with your power, you can get through this.
Because this disaster happened when i'm waiting to meet all of you, it's such a shame that this disaster should happened. But, more than anything, take care of your heart and physical condition. And i hope that we can think of another day when we can meet again, and gathering our power. 
And to Minoz around the world, and Korean Minoz, let's give our support and power. Don't forget our hope, and let's hope hope that there'll be no more victims of this tragedy. 
Everyone, let's fight together...
From Lee Min Ho, with all of my heart...
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