Wednesday, March 16, 2011

[News]Acting challenge Goo Ha-ra “City Hunter” script reading, Jin Hyeok PD compliments

Lee Min Ho Park Min-young, Lee Joon-hyeok and Goo Ha-ra were at one place.
Following the drama “49 Days”, new SBS drama “City Hunter” (written by Hwang Eun-kyeong, produced by Jin Hyeok) actors and actresses Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young, Lee Joon-hyeok, and Kara’s Goo Ha-ra had their first script reading on the 14th at SBS center in Ilsan.
They had about 3 hours of reading practice with senior actors Cheon Ho-jin, Kim Sang-joong, Lee Hyo-jeong and more. Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young and Lee Joon-hyeok stayed back after the reading and practiced more.
Lee Min-ho is Lee Yoon-seong in the Blue House national communications team, Park Min-young is previous Judo player and current Blue House bodyguard Kim Na-na and Lee Joon-hyeok is the best elite prosecutor Kim Young-joo.
Lee Min-ho was wearing a clean black suit with wavy hair. This is his first come back after “Personal Tastes” a year ago.
Park Min-young looked like she was possessed by Kim Na-ba already looking sweet with her long straight hair. Lee Joon-hyeok was wearing a khaki baseball jumper and baseball cap looking tough and manly.
Having first attended a script reading, Goo Ha-ra was complimented by producer Jin Hyeok for her smooth reading. As much as this is her first time in acting, she is looking passionate.
The productions said, “It was a scene where the freshness of young actors and veteran senior actors got together and created a perfect harmony”.
Coming in May.
Source… ( Korean )
Translation : Hancinema

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