Friday, March 4, 2011

[Merchandise] SS501 Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun, Kim Kyu Jong Super Star DVD-BOX

Before this drama be shown in Korea. This DVD will be first be released in Japan and will be the first worldwide appearance.

KPOP Series presents a new style love story drama, the production team collaborated with talented singers!
Park Jung Min and Kim Kyu Jong showcase a beautiful original soundtrack for this series. As a special bonus some clips of the making of the episodes of SS501's 3 members " Kim Hyung Jun (maknae)", "Park Jung Min", "Kim Kyu Jong" are included in this DISC!

DVD deteails:

Exclusive set of postcards (tentative)

Whole volume of the music recorded the theme song of each episode.
Vol.1 "Meet
Cast: Park Jung Min: Tei (singer) (105 + PV11 minutes minutes)
Vol.2 "Never Ending Love"
Cast: Kim Kyu Jong : Kim Hee Moon (HOT) (114 + PV10 minutes minutes)
Vol.3 "Mobius strip"
Cast: Lee Tae : Anne Jemo (106 + PV9 minutes minutes)
Vol.4 "Black City"
Cast: Kim Hyung Joong (Manne) Starring: Choi Won-joon (95 + PV8 minutes minutes)
Vol.5 Bonus DISC
SS501 members' clips of making the drama!
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