Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jeong Seong-hwa and Lee Min-ho best friends certified 'unexpected connections' bond made by drama

Actor Lee Min-ho and musical actor Jeong Seong-hwa seem to have a surprising friendship.
Jeong Seong-hwa replaced Super Junior Lee Teuk and Eun Hyeok, who were on an overseas tour on their KBS 2FM "Kiss the Radio" on the 24th. He made a phone call connection to Lee Min-ho and Seulong this day.
He demanded Lee Min-ho to certify that they were close friends as people didn't believe him. Lee Min-ho then supported him by saying, "We've only known each other for a year but I feel like I've known him since school times. He won the Best Male Actor Award in the Musical Awards. I will continue supporting his shows".
These two people met in the drama "Personal Taste" and became friends since then. Even after the drama those who were on the set together, Ryoo Seung-yong, Son Ye-jin, Jeong Seong-hwa and Seulong continue to maintain close relationships.
Meanwhile, listeners expressed their impressions, "It's wonderful how Seulong, Jeong Seong-hwa and Super Junior Ye Seong all have close friendships", "It was something different, hearing Lee Min-ho's voice on radio".

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