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[Trans]KyuJong, YoungSaeng – Fans Magazine February Issue

Kim Kyu Jong V.S.Heo Young Saeng
A new start in year 2011
SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng both signed with a new agency B2M last year, and started Asia Fan-meeting from Seoul, they went to Thailand Bangkok and the 3rd stop was held in Hong Kong. Although they are not doing activities as 5, the green pea princess are very loyal, they still supported and went for their activities. Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are two good brothers who stood side by side, (can’t depict what’s the whole sentence here since 1/2 of the sentence got covered up by watermark. T_T) They also revealed their confirmed work schedule, YoungSaeng will be releasing a solo album in February, and KyuJong who is celebrating his birthday in Feburary will also talk about his unforgettable present!
SS501 members belong in different agencies now, do you all still contact each other frequently?
Usually i will still contact the other 3 members, but because the chance of us working together had turned lesser, we cannot meet up like how we used to do. But luckily the internet is very advance now, the few of us loves to play twitter, though we cannot get together often, but i can know what is everyone doing through twitter.
It was said that you were working hard on English to improve on your language. Apart from languages, are there anything you will like to learn?
I did not specially learn English previously, i did not go for lessons or hire a tutor, but i used English to email a few friends i know from overseas, i am happy to know these friends because i get a chance to learn English. With regards to performing work, i wish to learn more about acting, this will help me in my acting in the future. In addition, i was actually interested in art during middle school. If there is a chance, i will like to continue to learn drawing, enriching myself in different aspect.
2011 has just started, does KyuJong have any special new wish in a new year?
Because everyone now in the group are doing their solo activities, so i wish that everyone can success in what they are doing. I will also work hard, i hope to do more things which satisfy me.
Although your work is busy these days, do you have anything you personally like to do during your free time?
I am crazy in love with painting and calligraphy, i will start to paint whenever i am free.
February 24th is KyuJong’s birthday, i will like to wish you a happy birthday on behalf of all your fans! Do you have any present you will like to receive specially this year?
I don’t have any present which i will like to receive specially this year. But previously in a year, a fan gave me a present which its hard to be forgotten. The fan gave me a big photobook on my birthday, containing photos from the day i debuted till now, looking at those photos, it brings me back to the past, i felt that it was meaningful, and i will always keep this present with me.
Do you wish to challenge any new work in a new year?
Although i will continue to sing, i wish to challenge acting. In a acting world, i am a newbie, so no matter what roles are given to me, i will still want to challenge it. But i want to film a romantic love story the most. In a new year, i wish that more people will notice me and know my characteristics.
What type of brother is YoungSaeng hyung to you?
YoungSaeng hyung makes me feel that he is cool when i started to know him, and even seems hard to get close to. But after knowing him, i can feel that he always think for others, and he is a person who is considerate and caring, and he is also a good listener! The most unusual is, although he is tired sometimes, he will never forget to take care people around him.
Talk about your ideal partner?
I like girls whose body are nice, and her personality must be friendly and lively, as my personality is rather *depress (*Sorry, i can’t see what is this word since the scan is not really good.), lack of a little confidence, so i hope the partner whom i date will influence me, to help me to improve my shortcomings.

2011 has just started, does YoungSaeng have any special new wish in a new year?
My biggest wish is to produce a solo work in 2011, and fortunately, it will be fulfilled in February, please support me! The new album will mainly be dance music, i rested for a period of time previously, now i will start again, hope to bring a new different feeling to the fans.
YoungSaeng is normally interested in photography, do you have any plan to release a photobook?
Erm, i thought of it before. But not exactly thinking about it specifically. If there is a day where i releases one, i will write words inside the photobook, letting everyone to see my photos, more sensation, and to bring out more.
Although your work is busy these days, do you have anything you personally like to do during your free time?
Although the schedule is pretty busy these days, i fell in love with sports recently, i have been playing baseball since last year, and i usually play with my friends.
Do you wish to challenge any new work in a new year?
Actually from debut till now, i don’t really wish to become just a singer only. I also wish to challenge acting. I know i will be busy in this year, but if there is a chance to act, i will accept with courage, i hope to act a role… which everyone (Man, woman, child, elderly) will love! (Laughs)
What type of brother is KyuJong to you?
KyuJong’s personality is really easy to get along with, this is also what i admire about him, no matter where is he, he can get along with people harmoniously.
Talk about your ideal partner?
I love girls who is lovely (cute) with kind-hearted personality.
Previously you went to Hong Kong for fan-meeting, do you have any place you wished to go?
The time we spent in Hong Kong was very short, we don’t have any time to play. I went to Lan Kwai Fong way previously, but there were so many people, so i left after awhile, it’s a pity

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