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[Trans]JungMin – Fans Magazine February Issue

Park Jung Min
Not lonely in red rabbit year
Park Jung Min, Not Alone……
Releasing a solo Korean album <Not Alone> alone in SS501, he displayed more sexy charisma than in the past. During the interview, he shared the things he anticipated the most during Chinese New Year, he self-written down his greeting wishes, and even drew a cute rabbit, wishing everyone a red rabbit year! The editor also wished Jungmin to get more popular in Asia in his year on behalf of all the fan, with so much support from his fans, he is definitely not alone.
Q1) Jungmin releases the first solo album, during preparation, what is the difference of your feeling like without having members around you and you need to face everything alone?
The first time without SS501 members by my side, i would feel lonely occasionally, however, upon thinking about the other members who are also doing their solo activities right now, it encourages me to bring a ‘I must work even harder’ feeling. Although releasing an album alone, i would feel nervous and stress, but the staff beside me always take care of me, it allowed me to fully utilize ‘Park Jung Min”s characteristics, (Laughs) I will be myself, and really thankful for them.
Q2) You always said that you represent ‘Sexy Charisma’, did you show your sexiness in the album?
Er… in this album, i can say that it fully showed my charisma! (Laughs) Apart from ‘Sexy Charisma’, everyone will get to see me walking towards becoming matured from teenager, an adult side.

Q3) What was the most unforgettable thing in 2010?
I think its the process of producing my album. Because i really put in effort in everything, everyone please support me!
Q4) This year is a rabbit year, Jungmin who is born in rabbit year, what’s your wish related to rabbit in your own zodiac year? In addition, what’s your 3 biggest aim in rabbit year?
Wish which is related to rabbits? I wish that Royal Avenue’s rabbit babies will grow up healthily and happily (Laughs); the schedule in 2011 is really packed, i hope everything will go on smoothly. And my 3 biggest aim in this year is: firstly, good sales in my solo album; secondly, i am going to film a drama in Taiwan, i hope it will be welcomed and loved by everyone; thirdly, to become an Asia superstar!
Q5) Previously you participated in a Japanese musical in Japan, what did you improved from the 1st musical you did in Korea in 2008?
The musical in Japan and the musical previously in Korea, of course the acting improved a lot! The actor’s age in Japanese musical Kizuna are around the same as mine, so we are comfortable with chatting with each another, its a memory hard to be forgotten.
Q6) Jungmin lost as much as 12kg just for the album? Did you normally have any special methods on it? Please share the secret of maintaining health with everyone?
I did not deliberately use any special methods to lose my weight. Because i looked at myself during Love Ya period MV previously, i felt that i looks fat on screen, so i started to go to the gym to exercise on a regular basis, and also took more notice on the calories intake. My regimen… is to eat more and sleep more (Laughs), and to drink more water~ Thanks for everyone concern, i am a healthy baby, please do not worry about me.
Q7) Jungmin who has special compatibility with the Taiwan fans, what do you like most about them? What incident did they do which made a deep impression in you?
I love Taiwan fan’s passion! The incident which made me left a deep impression should be whenever i am in Taiwan, there will be many motorbike and taxi following my van, but it is really dangerous. I am worried about the fans meeting with accident in the van, everyone please do not do such a dangerous act again.
Q8) What’s your most anticipated thing in the past Chinese New Year?
Chinese New Year is a really important festival in Korea, no matter how far i live away, during Chinese New Year period, i will need to return home and gather with family. The younger generation will put on traditional costume and bow to the elder on the morning of the 1st day; at this time, the elders will give children red packets which symbolize good fortune and lucky, after eating rice cake soup, which symbolize that we grow up by 1 year. When i was a kid, the thing i anticipated was to collect the money and go to the nearest toy store near my house to buy toys with my sister. (Laughs)
Q9) Jungmin’s Chinese is constantly improving, what did you learn recently?
I learn lots of Chinese recently. But the one i remembered the most is ‘I feel like sleeping after eating.’ Sometimes, i started Chinese lesson after eating. (Laughs) So i felt like sleeping especially.
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