Monday, January 31, 2011

[News]Will the "chestnut hair" Kim Jun became trendsetters?

Kim Jun, recently changed his hair style haircuts "chestnuts" for new drama.

Kim Jun acting as a detective Shin Dong-Jin is a genius in the latest KBS 2TV drama "Homicide Divicion", Kim Jun changing his image of cute as far as 18o degrees.

As a role that can not be predicted from Shin Dong-Jin, Kim Jun play as matching in investigations in cyberspace, but it is actually very shy and easily frightened. He said he would fear when he meliaht people who have died and will shiver draw the people around him.

Hair Stylist Kim Jun said, "to match the image Kim Jun as the modern detective that can not be predicted. We cut her hair short and give it a light chestnut hair. Although it is a very simple piece. handsomeness Kim Jun fixed'll enjoy and get praise from members staff. "

Kim Jun gain the attention of every piece of hair he is in getting it. Fans wondered if the new hair style Kim Jun will become the latest styles in fashion world

source: Allkpop

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